From  circuit design to prototype building and production we will help you to finish your project faster.  Based on your needs, we will provide complete service from concept and circuit design to delivery of tested products or anywhere in-between. Give us call to find out how our 18 years of experience can benefit you and help you save time and money in bringing your product to market.

              Circuit design

From simple bus I/O devices to microprocessor based systems and high speed GIGABIT  implementations - Based on your specifications we will design circuit to perform required tasks.

              PCB Layout

Starting with your schematic or Netlist, your list of components and any additional requirements (like impedance matching) we will create layout of the PCB.

              PCB Fabrication
After you approve layout, we will produce PCBs based on your requirements. Delivery time can be anywhere from 24 hours to 4 weeks. If you have existing PCB layout, we can take your Gerber data and produce PCBs based on it
              Components Purchase

As a part of  complete turn-key service we will purchase components needed to assemble your product. This typically will be done while layout and PCB fabrication is in progress to allow assembly as soon as PCBs are fabricated.

              PCB Assembly

We will assemble your products according to industry standards you require.

As a final stage of  a turn key  service we will develop test procedures and test your product accordingly.
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